grafika fotografia ślubna w krakowie i na śląsku

In this gallery there are selected my favorite wedding photos from events that have fallen into my mind especially. I selected thirty photos, which will allow you to get to know better what style of wedding photography I am creating.

grafika z piórem fotograf ślubny
fotograf ślubny agata pietrzyk

I was born and live in Krakow, where after years spent in Warsaw, I found my home again. In my life I traveled a lot and during one of such trips a plan was born in my mind to focus all my attention only on photography. It was in 2010, but it was not really the beginning of the search for the means of expressing my artistic preferences, because it started much earlier. I have been looking for a job for a long time that will be consistent with me one hundred percent. My search for answers was to help me study philosophy and sociology, but after they were finished, there were more question marks than answers. My photography and passion for photos is not an attempt to answer, it is still asking questions and looking at how the world photographed by me looks like. Mindfulness at the moment, on people and nature I practice every day and this is the essence of my photography, which is after all a record of what is filtered by the sensitivity of the photographer. I am inspired by the usual everyday life, which provides an infinite number of opportunities to enjoy the images, flavors, scents. The ordinary contemplation of what is unique in its simplicity is the starting point, and photography is just an extension of this process. For as long as I remember, I liked to observe people, emotions and gestures. I find it very useful in wedding photography now. If you like my photos and think that you found that you found a person who will be your photographer, just write to me.

grafika łapacz snów niebieski fotograf ślubny w krakowie i na śląsku
grafika pióra rozdzielacz fotograf ślubny
grafika łapacz snów różowy fotograf ślubny

If you like my wedding photography, just write to me. Tell me about your plans, how your wedding will look like and what is important to you. I usually reply to messages during one day.

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