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fotograf ślubny agata pietrzyk

I was born in Krakow. After almost ten years spent in Warsaw, I found my place in my homecity. I always traveled a lot and during one of myy trips a plan was born to focus all my attention only on photography. I have been looking for a job  that will be consistent with me one hundred percent for a long time. My photography and passion for photos is not an attempt to answer, it is still asking questions and looking at how the world photographed by me would looks like. Mindfulnes, being open to people and nature I practice every day. The ordinary contemplation of what is unique in it’s simplicity is the starting point, and photography is just an extension of this process. For as long as I remember, I liked to observe people, emotions and gestures. The essence of my photography is being humanist – person who is sensitive to people and to the world.  I am inspired by the everyday life, which provides an infinite number of opportunities to enjoy. If you like my photos just write to me.



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